Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back home--

with nothing much to post. I was gone all week, worked long days and then had to get laundry and other mundane tasks yesterday. Today is lovely and warm- which it wasn't in northern Utah, we dealt with snow and hail a couple of days this week. So Shannon and I got out the bikes, dusted them off, and went on a ride. Not a long ride, since neither our legs or seats were used to it- but it felt good to be outdoors with warm sunshine.

The puzzle is coming along, slowly but surely.

I'll leave with these lovely spring flowers. I never tire of them, they are definitely one of creation's glories!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

More from Moab--

We had enough energy after the hike to drive up a canyon along the Colorado River to one of the three wineries near Moab. The drive is spectacular, with the canyon walls rising sharply from the riverbed. I have never tired of this view, no matter how many times I make this trip.

The winery sits on a bend in the river. There are hayfields nearby, a fantastic restaurant, and rooms and cabins. I can't think of a more beautiful setting in which to get away from it all. Here's the view from the balcony--

We also walked Moab downtown, browsing in all the shops. This dog seems to be doing a great job of guarding his master's little red convertible!

We also hiked up to a small waterfall up above Ken's Lake, south of Moab. Shannon wanted to climb into the pool, we convinced her that hiking back in wet shoes probably wouldn't be much fun!

The sunset that evening was lovely--

On our way home Monday morning, we detoured over to Dead Horse State Park. After driving for almost twenty miles through rather unremarkable sagebrush country, you come to this--

Look at all the layers in these rock formations--

I spent the last week trying to get back into the work mode. My brain is once again descending into creative mush, although I'll admit I've been preoccupied with something I don't normally do. Last Christmas, Shannon and I saw this puzzle on sale at JoAnn's- $3. The image was a cool one, a big sunflower.

So we started it after we got back from Moab. And it is now driving me crazy, I will see this one through to completion, AND glue and mount in on foam core. The picture itself is made up of hundreds of tiny pictures, and when you add the small size of the puzzle pieces, it is crazy-making!

Here's my progress thus far. I'm doing it in fits and spurts, grabbing time when I can. I've been working on this while listening to CNN- between politics, and the recent events in Texas, there hasn't been any lack of news. So maybe my creative juices just need some fallow time.

I am away from home all next week on business, so nothing much to post until I get back. I've got my sketchbook and colored pencils packed, just in case energy and inspiration should strike simultaneously!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A few photos from Moab---

It has been a busy week, but I'm grabbing a few minutes to post some of the pictures from our trip last weekend. The weather the first two days we were there was perfect hiking weather, so we decided to do the "strenous" hike up to Delicate Arch. It is strenous, but not un-doable,even for an out of shape fifty-something like me. The first part is through the sage on some small hills,

and then you climb up an incline on the slickrock. Just when you think you are almost there, you find you have to hike further on top of the slickrock, until you finally reach the bowl at the top where the arch is situated. And this is what you see--

The view out is spectacular- the La Sal mountains still have lots of snow on them, and the contrast of the snow with the blue sky and red rocks is gorgeous.

The hike is three miles round trip, and worth every aching muscle. We saw lots of family groups making the climb, even one woman who looked about eight months pregnant.

On the way down, Shannon decided to take a small detour on a side trail to a petroglyph wall. She got some good photos, I'm hoping to turn some of this into thermofax screens.

Well, I have more photos, but Blogger is not cooperating, so it will have to wait for another post. We are off to Salt Lake for the day--

Friday, April 04, 2008

A Weekend Away!!!

I have been frantically cleaning and doing laundry all day. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we are leaving for Moab. We'll stay with a friend, hike in Arches, and walk the downtown. I haven't been to Moab in over three years, it will always be one of my favorite places in Utah. The red rocks are glorious, and this time of year the contrast with the emerging greenery is especially beautiful. My camera is ready to go, and I've got my sketchbook and colored pencils stashed in my fanny pack for hiking.

So, no pictures or blogposts until we get back, sometime Monday afternoon since Shannon has to be to school Monday night. But there should be plenty of pictures next week!