Saturday, September 16, 2006

Well, I think summer is officially over here. We've had 3 storms roll in this week, leaving us plenty of rain (for Utah, anyway). And, yesterday it was cool enough that I put shoes on my feet for the first time since May. We'll probably get a few more sandal days, but no more just grabbing for one of my many pairs without worrying about it. If you haven't yet figured it out, I'd much rather wear sandals than shoes- old lady feet and all.

In between storms, Sadie and I managed to get a nice hike in yesterday. We drove up Provo Canyon to Bridal Veil Falls, where I thought the Provo River trail ended. The falls are a beautiful landmark not too far up the canyon.

I found out I was wrong, the trail extends all the way up to Vivian Park- but it made for a beautiful walk. As we started out, the trees cover the trail. It was cloudy most of the day, so that added to the gloom. It really reminded me of places I've been in the Pacific Northwest.

The mountains are displaying all sorts of fall colors, but trees at lower elevations are just starting to change. I could get glimpses of the mountain through the trees as we walked--

Farther along, the trail follows the Provo River, which is a top-notch fly fishing river. We saw some ducks, and I was fascinated by the display of colors under some crystal clear water that looks more like a pond than a river.

All of those colors in the foreground are underwater lichens, or moss, or some underwater plants- only the twiggy thing sticking up is above water!

And here's the reward, the view from Vivian Park--

The day got a lot grayer and wetter after Sadie and I got home- this was the view that greeted me from our back patio this morning.

Yes, that is snow half way up the mountain. Mount Timpanogos, which we can usually see from this vantage point, is totally covered with clouds. I'm sure there will be even more snow on it. And I am definitely not ready for it!!

I'm also dyeing again this weekend, but will save the posts for when it is all done. My Journal Quilts are safely on their way to Houston- soon enough that I could ship them ground, hooray! Time to clean up the studio and figure out what projects need to be finished!!

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