Saturday, April 21, 2007

An education!!

I spent the entire day Tuesday at the Home Machine Quilting Show in Salt Lake- scribing for a judge at least half the day. It's certainly given me a new perspective about the ongoing discussion on the QA list about "quilt" shows vs. "art" shows. For the most part, I think the judges on this one were open to more "art" quilts- although, this being Utah, I can't say I saw anything that really pushed the envelope. But most of the discussion was about bindings, quality of quilting, piecing and applique. Probably the most disappointing part for me was how every quilt I saw judged was given positive feedback for "Visual Impact and Use of Color" and . Sorry, I just couldn't agree that every quilt made a strong visual statement- and when everyone got that, it just made it meaningless for those that were visually strong pieces.

This show is judged, but not juried- and that was also obvious from the quilts, which ranged from superb, both from the quilt and artistic perspective, to amateurish. I took some pictures of the ones that struck me. I'm posting those for which I have the name of the artist.

What lessons did I learn? No stitch in the ditch, unless you can do it superbly, and work to get better control of my quilting. The manatee quilt didn't get a ribbon, but it did get some nice feedback from the judge. So I'm happy.

Best of Show went to Renae Haddadin, who was also a finalist in the most recent $100,00 Quilting Challenge. Her quilt was two-sided, and pretty amazing.

And the other side- -

Renae also had a smaller piece, which I found equally beautiful.

Her quilting is amazing---

Jessica Schick has taught here every year since the show started. This piece is airbrushed with Procion dyes, and heavily quilted.

Suzanne Hyland is here in Salt Lake, and belongs to the Surface Design and Art Quilt
groups. Having had the opportunity to see her work up close, I can say it is striking and beautifully made. If my quilting has gone up a notch this year, it is because of what I've learned from her. She designed this piece at Asilomar, at a workshop with Katy Pasquini Masopust.

I think this is a gorgeous example of taking a very traditional, simple design, and making it something special with metallic thread and over the top quilting.

Enough for now- but, I've got some hand-dyes in the washer, I'll post those results tonight or tomorrow.

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Nellie Bass Durand said...

Those are amazing quilts. Thanks for sharing them.