Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cleaning out the Clutter. . .

I had some friends over Friday to do some discharging, so I had to clean up and rearrange so all of us could fit in my wet studio. It inspired me to keep going with rearranging, and it's starting to feel more open and less cluttered- both of which I think will help my creative juices.

Here's the wet studio after the cleanup. I moved the ironing board for laundry upstairs, and got an over the door ironing board for the studio. That meant I could move my drawers of paint supplies away from my table, which will make it easier to move in the room. Just getting rid of the ironing board opened it up! You can see two of the discharge pieces hanging on the left side of the design wall.

Then I moved into the sewing studio. I moved my big bookcase into the family room next door, and put a smaller bookcase in its place. I freecycled a five year collection of QNM that I don't use anymore. I found the black felt in one of my drawers, and will use it to display my collection of fiber postcards. The Dali postcards I got in Florida this summer are now on my bulletin board.

The only part I have left is the closet, but that will have to wait until later this week.

My watercolor class finished this weekend, and Saturday was the Harvest Moon Hurrah in Spanish Fork. They had a display of the visual art classes work among the events. We had Jaden Saturday night, and took him down. No pony rides, no picture with the scarecrow- all he wanted was a balloon toy that Sweetheart the clown was making. And, it was cold and wet, so we didn't stay very long. But I did get pictures of the art display, especially my favorites! Mine is the yellow daisies in the first picture, the only painting out of the class I'm willing to show the public!

I'm still auditioning fabric for the borders of the autumn colored quilt. I've got an idea, now just to figure out the logistics. And, I'm hoping to finish the whole thing from my stash. That will be a first!!

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