Sunday, November 11, 2007


Meaning, Pay It Forward! If you haven't seen this in blogland before now, it's simple. The first three people to leave a comment on my blog, stating their intention to join the fun, will get a handmade gift from me. In return, you agree to post the "Pay It Forward" message on your blog, and do the same for the first three people who comment on yours. I'm carrying on the "random acts of kindness" from Linda T. Minton of Fiber Reflections.

My gift could be a small journal size quilt, could be a fat quarter of art cloth-- I haven't decided yet, and probably won't be able to work on it until closer to the holidays. But I do promise you will have it within six months. And, if you have a preference, I'd be happy to do what I can to please. I truly enjoy bringing pleasure to others with my work. So, leave a comment and join the fun!!

I got together with a group of friends on Friday, and had fun learning how to make a book cover. Jalaine found some books we could take apart at the dollar store, and we used scraps of fabric and any embellishments we could think of to recover them. I also found out that washers make cool embellishments, especially after you paint them, hit them with embossing powder, and then the heat gun!

Here's mine, the left one already glued to the cover. It will go on the front of the book.

The other one is waiting to be glued to the cover, with no bumpy embellishments since it will be on the back. The background is fabric I painted awhile back, the rest is from my stash of small scraps. This was fun enough I'll do it again, as long as I can find more books that are easily taken apart.

I also got a Christmas present done- but no posts of that one!

Looking forward to hearing from others who want to play and pay it forward!

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kimmi said...

Hello Beverly, I will be happy to do pay it forward. I think it is a great idea. My blog is and I will post to my blog as soon as I hear from you. Happing creating.