Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shannon's Busy in the Studio???!!!!

I spent most of yesterday and part of Friday night helping Shannon make some simple tree ornaments for her co-workers. She saw some she liked in the new issue of Quilting Arts Gifts, we changed them a bit, and off she went. Bentlee also got into the action, making a bird to go on her dad's Yankee tree.

Shannon picked fabric from my stash,

cut out the pieces with the templates she made from poster board,

fused the fabric to Timtex, and finished the edges with satin stitch.

Bentlee also learned how to satin stitch--

After decorating the trees and giving the birds button eyes, she put on hanging loops with pearl cotton.

And here are some finished ornaments!!

If it looks like I've gone a bit overboard with documenting this- getting Shannon interested in what I do in my studio has been a bit of an uphill battle. Here's evidence that there may yet be hope!


Debra said...

Love to see the young ladies at a sewing machine! Keep encouraging them!

Rayna said...

What fun! Neither of my daughters had any interest and Jessica just gave me back a sewing machine I bought for her. Oh, well.

Merry and happy and all that - have great holidays! Your pork roast sounds yummy - I can almost smell it!

Libby Fife said...

Good for you. I am like Debra in that I like to see people learning to sew. I never learned too as a kid and so miss that background.

The ornaments look great!

Jane Macdermott said...

That is so cool!! And they finished the job too :)) My daughter wants to do free motion and so I giver her a piece of practice sheet and away she goes :) I love it. I also love all your thread!! I am in love with thread :) So that was a treat to see all that colour.