Saturday, May 07, 2011


I haven't posted a lot lately, because I haven't had much of interest to post.  But after yesterday, I have enough quilty content for several!  I did my usual two-hour volunteer stint at HMQS yesterday- it gets me free admission.  I also met a couple of friends there, and we walked the show.  Interesting, on a couple of different levels.

I saw a number of quilts I really liked, although there weren't that many art quilts entered.  There were also some special exhibits.  Today, I'm just showing some of the quilts that grabbed my attention.You can click on the photos to enlarge them and get a better view.

I loved this rooster that Cheryl Lara did with discharge.  After discharging the rooster, she went back in with dyes and added color- pretty subtly, for the most part.  The sun and rest of the image are done with thread.

This one was quirky enough to capture my interest.  I don't get the Sushi reference, but I liked her use of color and value, and the oddball shapes of the blocks.  Rather reminded me of amoeba!

This gorgeous flower image was also painted.  We're so hungry for spring that isn't wet and cold that any flower image was bound to attract.

Joanne Baeth's depiction of sand hill cranes against a sunset sky was beautiful, in a subtle, soft way.  I loved her use of color, her perspective was well done.  I found the image very relaxing and soothing.

Andrea's sunflowers were a knockout!  Her background is all done with small scraps of fabric.  Her use of color and value was fantastic!

And for a touch of whimsy, I loved this take on old McDonald's farm.  I liked how they used values to create the animals, and colors that were not true to life.

That's it for now, lots more pictures later. My pictures aren't as clear as I'd like, but the lighting is not the best at the Expo Center, and I didn't have a lot of time to fiddle with camera settings.  I hope the makers' names are all readable.

Later- I have house cleaning to get done today, and packing for a Mother's Day trip to see family in Reno.


Debra Spincic said...

Excellent pieces--every one of them.

The sushi reference--when you cut sushi it looks like the blocks of the quilt.

tiedyejudy said...

Fabulous! I can't make up my mind which I like best, they are all so unique and beautifully done! Thanks for sharing, and I look forward to more pix!

Judy said...

Love those pieces - but especially the Begonias and the Sand Hill Cranes.
Thanks for sharing!

Hope you are having a wonderful Mother's Day!


Vicki said...

These are also so beautiful. I wasgoing to say I love the begonias, but then I saw the cranes, and the sunflowers......

JB said...

The machine quilting on many of these is just wonderful. The whimsical colors of McDonald's farm are fun!

Gina said...

Wonderful quilts! Thanks for letting us enjoy some of the show!