Sunday, September 18, 2011

Next Challenge

I started working on the next challenge with the Tangled Textiles group.  I am loving using words to spark ideas rather than pictures- it just seems to flow better for me.  And the words we have used thus far have lent themselves to multiple interpretations.

This time the word is 'tool'.  Lots and lots of directions to take that one!  And I have wanted to use my rusted fabric, without creating issues for my sewing machine.  I hope I have found a way to do that.

So here is your sneak peek at the very beginning of  the process.  Lots more to be done, so it is a good thing I'm starting way before our mid-October deadsline!

I'm really looking forward to finishing this one, I'll be doing processes and using materials fairly new to me.  I won't be doing anymore this week, I am leaving tonight on a work-related trip and won't be home until very late Thursday.  But I'm learning that I do a lot of my 'work' in my head, so I'll have lots of time for that!


nicolette said...

Wonderful rusted fabrics and threads!

I’m having a hard time to execute my tools object/subject with fabrics. The English word Tools means so much more than the translation of the word in Dutch. But I hope to get there!

Rian said...

Gorgeous palette--that's always s good start!

Judy said...

Your rusted fabrics are scrumptuous! and I love your assortment of threads
Can't wait to see how this comes out.
Have a good & safe trip.


Vicki said...

As I said, great fabric. glad your muse has gotten itself in line, and you are enjoying your process