Monday, February 20, 2012


A wonderful long weekend, and Sunday we got hit with snow- which made it a good excuse to stay home and quilt!! Yes, I got my Juki back.  Turns out the issue was not with the machine at all, but with the speed limiter I made with Radio Shack parts shortly after I got the machine.  The speed limiter made it easier to control the speed when I was free motion quilting- Juki's can go like crazy if you floor it!  Apparently it can also create problems.  I ended up throwing the limiter out, and my machine guy fixed up a way to limit the speed that is mechanical and easy. 

So I have been quilting on Grace.  The first part of the design is done!  The second half should go quicker, since I won't have to mess with gridded tape anymore.

I think I am going to play with the last photo in PSE, to help me decide how much of the black 'border' I need.  You can't see it well in this photo, but some of my quilting lines that use color- either hot pink, yellow, or orange- flow into the black on the top and bottom.  I'm thinking I'm going to extend the color along the sides too when I add the second half of the design, which makes the tesselation.

I have finally starting doing one of the exercises in the Creative Photography book I got a few weeks ago.  It is looking at line, and finding letters of the alphabet in unexpected places.  Saturday was a gorgeous, sunny and relatively warm day, so I took Shiloh for a walk along the river trail in town.  I found my first three letters on that walk, and another today when I had to make a quick trip to the store.  I now have an L, T, F and Y.  O will be easy, I see them all over the place.  And I think I've seen an A I need to go back and shoot!

It's a fun exercise that certainly teaches you to look around and beyond the obvious!

Well, I've laundry to finish and dinner to fix.  Work tomorrow- sigh.  I'd so much rather be quiltng.


Renate said...

That sounds like an interesting book and exercise. Love the pictures. Yes I'd rather be quilting too, but then I wouldn't have the funds to continue with my "fabric collecting"

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Glad to hear your Juki is back and you learned something. I love this new piece and computers are great for figuring out where to crop a piece.

The photos are so interesting. I think I am going to try that. Do you have to stay in order?

Vicki said...

Wow Beverly, I love the colours and the quilting! The photos are awesome. Yes, learning to observe is important, but sometimes it helps, to have a focus like this.
Love it all.