Sunday, August 26, 2012

Counting Down

I'm counting down the days, in more than one way.  In less than three weeks I will be on a plane to spend one week each in Florida and Chicago with my two sons.  I am SOOO ready to hit the road!!

It's also clear that we are counting down the last days of summer, even though the calendar still says August.  On my walks on the river trail, the signs are definitely there.

I love the variety of wildlife I sometimes see on my walks.  On a recent one, we saw these roosters, having a good time grubbing in the irrigation canal,

this snake slithering off the trail,

and this buzzard up in the trees along the trail.

We took a chance today, deciding to walk even though the weather was a bit iffy.  On the way out on the trail, I was rewarded with this rainbow. . .

and on the way back, with these awesome clouds over the mountains.

I've also been in the studio. although sewing on clothes instead of quilting.  I got this cute A line skirt done- we should have enough warm weather left that I'll get to wear it a couple of times.

When I not thinking about what I will be packing for visits to two very different climates, I'm considering what to do for the next TT challenge- new beginnings.  Vicki gave us lots of starting points, and I have some research to do.  It would be nice to have it well  on the way to completion before I leave!


Gina said...

Like your summer skirt and great photos!

nicolette at dutchcomfort said...

I love to see the photo’s of those mountains. Beautiful pictures!

Libby Fife said...

Cute skirt and great photos! I especially like the one with the rainbow over the mountains. That would be a great painting:)

We are feeling the Fall weather also, no doubt, crispy in the AM and very pleasant in the PM. Good luck packing for your trip:)

Rian said...

Beautiful photos--hard to believe the foliage is already turning.

Love the skirt! B&W are my favorite! Have fun on your trips.

Judy said...

great photos Bev!

Have a wonderful trip.


Del said...

Thanks for the "taste" of Utah - what a difference three months makes. Someday I am going to drive I-15 in autumn, just to see the difference between summer and fall.

Vicki said...

Hopefully I will be back walking soon as the weather is starting to improve now it is early spring. Have great time!