Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fast Food Shibori

I learned something new this month- a way to do shibori that does not involve string and trying to get arthritic hands to wrap and shove fabric down a pipe.  It's as simple as roll and push- really!

My first piece was done with charcoal gray.  I got some splitting, but not a lot- which made me happy.  Then I tried another with navy blue- which, since I messed up with my calculations, came out a medium blue.

This was nice, but I wanted more depth.  So, I took the blue piece, rolled it again so the light end was on top this time, and overdyed with a red.  I was feeling lazy and not wanting to mix up dye solutions, so I used some that I had stored in the frig.  And this is what came out of the second dye bath--


I am really happy with this.  It got me thinking about possibilities for another tree quilt- think snowy, stormy night in the forest.  I think this is one I will have to plan out carefully, both with fussy cutting fabric and planning my layout.  I don't think slash and stitch would do justice to the fabric.  I also want to be able to control the direction of the lines on the shibori fabric.

I am planning some time off work to dye fabric, and this will definitely be part of what I do.  Our temperatures are heading into triple digits this week- perfect for dyeing!!

I'm linking this post to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday.  Head over there and take a look at what the other artists are up to!


What Comes Next? said...

those pieces look fabulous - and it sure sounds like a far easier method - any chance of a tutorial in the offing????

sonja said...

lovely!and from mature hands a HI 5!

JB said...

Do you have a link which explains this technique? I really like the pattern this produced. Nice going!

Vicki Miller said...

gorgeous, beverly I'd love a tutorial, too

Renate said...

Oh the Blue over dyed piece looks luscious enough to eat. I'm with the others about a tutorial!

Karen S said...

These are beautiful! I'd love to see how you did it!