Sunday, February 02, 2014

The obsessive chemist continues. . .

I promise this isn't going to turn into a soaping blog.  I did do some fiber stuff this weekend, I got a pillow made for a friend of Shannon's.  The fabric and form have been sitting around in my studio since before Christmas- so it felt good to get that finally done.

But I couldn't resist making more soap.  I got three done Saturday afternoon- all a lovely creamy color, with fresh, mostly citrus scents.

From left to right: Avocado Oil, Ginger Lime Mango Butter, Citrus Honey

The one in the center is my favorite, and it was also my first try at coming up with my own original recipe. I used mango butter, coconut, avocado, olive and castor oils, and scented it with lime essential oil and ginger fragrance oil. I hope it feels as good on my skin as it smells!

The one on the right has an interesting texture on the top and bottom, thanks to bubble wrap.  I always have some of the hanging around the studio for surface design!  It was also the first soap I've made that include lard as one of the oils.  I was afraid it would be stinky, but it worked well to melt in the microwave with the other solid oils- cocoa butter, shea butter, and coconut oil.  I do it at about half power and take my time, which has worked well.

Sean helped me make a couple of wooden molds this weekend also.  The Citrus Honey soap is from that one- it will do about a four pound loaf.  I like how the ends are straight, and having learned on a YouTube video how to fold freezer paper to make a one-piece liner, I think it works a lot easier than the other molds I've used so far.  Here it is, next to a shibori pole that can now double as a round soap mold!

The end caps are braced by the bolts- but when it's time to unmold, it's nice to be able to remove the ends.  We made the second one with a longer base on one end, so I can also use it to cut the bars evenly.

So that is what I have been up to.  I'm starting the research for my next Tangled Textiles piece- the theme is Artistic License.  I know I will be looking for a twentieth century abstract artist!  And, I will have to plan it around an unexpected trip to Florida the first week in March.  I will be going with Sean, Marly, and Michelle to celebrate Sean's graduation with a BA in Video Game Design, and watch him walk with his class.  It will be nice to warm up, too!

The studio is now cleaned up from the chaos of soapmaking, so now it is back to some fiber.  Maybe I'll have something later this week. . .



Vicki Miller said...

I love the bubble wrap texture, it looks like honey comb!

JB said...

You are definitely having too much fun. :-) It looks like the project was a great success and such yummy fragrances!