Sunday, April 13, 2014

Life Takes a Turn

I haven't posted much lately, because there isn't a lot to post about- especially from a fiber art perspective.  I have a few things going on in my head, but nothing beyond that.

I have, however, continued to make soap- although my pace has slowed down some.  I am trying to get enough inventory to be able to sell soap at the Utah County Quilt Guild annual festival in July.  Several of us in the Not Bound by Tradition group are going in on a vendor's booth, and we want to have some things that are not quilt related.  Soap certainly fits that bill, and it is inexpensive enough that I have hopes of selling it.  I'm also going to look into other venues over the summer.

I spent the better part of a day costing out the soaps I've made, and was happy to find that my cost of ingredients is well below what a bar of hand crafted soap sells for in this area.  That means I can price my soaps competitively, and still be paying myself a reasonable wage for my time.

As much as I love dyeing fabric and creating with it, I've never seen it as a potential small business.  It is too labor intensive, and most people in this area are not willing to pay what it costs to produce.  So it will remain a hobby and avocation, but not something I see as a money making venture.

Soap, however, is different.  It is not that labor intensive, and the price of the finished product is well within most people's reach.  It challenges me creatively, since I am not one to be happy with following others' recipes.  It is a skill I believe I can master, and have fun in the doing.

So I will be pursuing this as a potential small business that I can do post-retirement.  I've already located the Small Business Development Center in Utah County, and plan to make an appointment to speak with someone in mid-May.  I'm looking at packaging options, and think I've come up with a name.  Fortunately, I already know about setting up an LLC and business licensing, since I've done that before.

Somehow in the midst of all this, I'll keep at the fiber art.  Just know that it is not my sole obsession any more!


Libby Fife said...

Nothing wrong with switching gears:)

Renate said...

I'm looking forward to reading about your progress with this new venture.