Friday, March 10, 2006

After four years of design, sewing, changing jobs, moving (including a month-long stint in a camp trailer), and machine quilting myself, my first completely, entirely, all my own quilt is done. The design idea started with my daughter, for whom it was made- she decided that she wanted an African themed room. Being a teenager, by the time I had the quilt done, she had moved on to other design ideas. However, fortune smiled on me- the 2006 Home Machine Quilting Show in Salt Lake has "In to Africa" as its theme, so I've entered it in the show. Not the first time I've entered a quilt, but the first outside a county fair or guild show. Hopefully it will make it into the "Themed" category- this quilt is just shy of the published size requirement, but it may make it in anyway. I'm just thrilled to have it done, and to prove to myself that I can FMQ!!

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Sean said...

Holy Cow! My mother is becoming a techy. Welcome to the 21st century mother.