Sunday, March 26, 2006

Beautiful one day, snow on the ground the next- that was this weekend. I was able to spend a lot of it creating,however- I got all five postcards for the QA list exchange I joined done. I had fun using my water-soluble wax pastels (on four backgrounds)- I like the effects, and who could resist playing with "crayons?" Can you tell I am winter-weary, and looking for color anywhere I can find it?
There has been some interesting discussion on the QA list about art vs. craft, who's an artist, yada yada- one of those topics that resurfaces fairly regularly. I don't usually jump in- that's one discussion that will never end, and you don't usually convince anyone of your point of view. I did make note of a couple that I thought made some good points, and food for thought for me.
And, found some interesting tidbits on Frieda Anderson's blog- she talked about being a visual person, and what that has meant. I don't think I have been a visual person, words usually come easily to me. Struggling to be visually creative, to find a voice that is uniquely mine- it has felt like I am learning a new language, and it is not easy- I sorely feel my lack of art training. But, I have no inclination to stop trying- the process is at once relaxing, trying, frustrating- how could I possibly give all that up??

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