Sunday, May 28, 2006

It has been a busy two weeks,what with high school graduation and an all too short visit from my brother. I've been relaxing this weekend- not much incentive to go outside, the temperature dropped thirty degrees this weekend and we've seen rain yesterday and today. Look outside our windows, and the snow line isn't far above us. Oh, well, good excuse to stay in the studio.

But, first, pictures of my daughter the graduate!!

And during the ceremony, getting her diploma. . .

The last of my children to graduate!! We are proud of her, she has come a long way and dealt with some challenges over the past year with our move. We love you, Shannon!!

I have actually done some quilty-type work the past two weeks. I finished my May journal quilt, and have them all emailed off to Houston- a week early. I was rather pleased at my solution to the problem posed by the mess-up on the sunprinting. But, you'll have to wait until November to see it!

I also got my manatee sliced quilt layered and pin basted, and the intial grid quilting done this weekend.

This is a project started two and a half years ago, with quilting friends spread all over Utah- from Salt Lake to Moab. We each did a piece of the picture which I chose- without seeing what anyone else was doing. I think the result is interesting, and hope to meld all these "visions" together with the quilting. If I get it done this month, I may enter it in the Springville Quilt Show- or, it may wait for all the others and get entered in the state quilt guild show next October. We'll see.

And, I've made up my mind to enter the QA abstract quilt challenge. I have til September, which gives me plenty of time. I've been studying art compostion- both on my own, and in Marilyn Belford's QU class- although I haven't given that the time it deserves, I do have the materials for future reference. But, I've determined that setting deadlines and goals for myself does make a difference.

And, finally, I'm joining an online discussion of "The View From the Studio Door." I've finished "Art and Fear", am re-reading it- so thought this would be a good opportunity to share thoughts about the reading.


Nellie Bass Durand said...

To answer your question, my African quilt is Toonga posted April 4th. I'm intriqued with your group sliced quilt. How many participated? Three other art quilting friends and I attempted to do this. However, we each liked what we had done and nobody wanted to slice theirs up. We ended up exhibiting them as a group. It was an interpretation of a photo taken by a member of our group's stand of hollyhocks. I'll post about them sometime this summer. I'd still like to participate in making a sliced quilt someday.

Sarah said...

Great job on this project. I can't wait to see what you come up with for the Abstract piece you're going to enter.