Saturday, May 06, 2006

It's been almost two weeks since I posted- a lot going on.

First, the exciting news- my oldest son has finally decided to leave the singles scene. I was surprised at the depth of my reaction- I am ecstatically happy!! I'd known he was seeing someone, but he never said much- so the news did come as a bit of a surprise. And, thankfully, it's not a spur of the moment fling- they've known each other three years. So my son continues to show us what a wonderful adult he's become.
And, she will add new spice to our family, she is from Colombia. I'm hoping I can resurrect my high school Spanish to at least some degree! I'm also on a quest to learn about the cultures of Colombia, I am woefully ignorant outside the obvious- at this point, coffee, Shakira, and the nasty drug business. I have been cruising the internet in spare moments to see what I can find about the arts and culture. I want to make them a wall quilt, hopefully incorporating fabric from Colombia. We'll see what I'm able to learn, I've also posted a question to the QA list.
As for the fiber work- I have been thinking a lot about how I want to approach this year's JQ. I've only done the first two, and will now be playing catchup to get them to Karey in time. Last year I focused on techniques- this year I want to work more from a theme, so will be doing a series of nature based quilt pages. I've noticed that I'm more observant since I started blogging- and I'm also trying to use those same observations to inform my JQ's. In an effort to look beyond the obvious, I won't be doing flowers, as much as I love them- but looking to those more subtle manifestations of the natural world around me and the changing seasons. I wanted to post a picture of what inspired my next Journal Quilt, but I've been trying to add the photo since yesterday morning with no luck. Hopefully tech support will be able to figure it out soon, I've not had this trouble before.
And, next post I'll need to be talking about what I've read in "Art and Fear." Heard so much about it on the QA list that I had to get it.

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