Sunday, April 23, 2006

Once again, here I am, trying to make sense of geek language, otherwise known as html. I participated in the last FFAC sale in Chicago, and am planning to do so again, maybe with more than the two I donated this spring. But, given my family's history with cancer- grandmother, mother, cousin, uncle and mother-in-law deceased due to the disease, and my 18 year old daughter a survivor (leukemia at age 6)- I'm pleased and proud to be able to display the link.
And, no, I'm not posting any finished pieces from yesterday's Shibori class. Only one scarf came out well- clearly, I have a lot to learn about dyeing small pieces of silk. You just don't get the variegation as easily as with cotton. I still have some of the habotai yardage- maybe when DJ isn't home I'll try it in the microwave!! And, one comfort, the scarves are cheap. Next time I'll get some of the long skinny ones. So, now, it's on to Marilyn's Art for Quilter's class. Shibori II coming up this summer!!

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Sarah said...

Beverly, I'm in Marilyn's Art for Quilters class too!