Monday, April 10, 2006

Monday- I'm still recuperating from the weekend. Most of Friday and Saturday was spent at HMQS, then yesterday we had son Lance's birthday dinner at our home. Quite a crowd, thank goodness I only did the rolls!! DH took care of all the dinner, and Shannon made the cake.
After the high of the HM at the show, I got my judging sheet back Saturday evening. Few surprises- my quilting needs to improve, but I knew and expected that. Heck, this is the first larger-size quilt I've done myself!! The one comment that did cause me to sit back and go "hmmm" was one about my design- that the raw edge applique did not add to it. (That would be the two lizards and two masks.) I'm not sure if she meant the applique period, or the fact that it was raw edge- I think I've assumed the former.
I did most of the design work at least three years ago- I spent months creating the blocks, and then moving them around the surface in EQ5. I vaguely remember thinking that it was boring with only the pieced blocks, so I went with the applique elements. And, I know that I have looked at this quilt for so long that I'm hardly an objective viewer. So, I think I will hang the quilt up in its intended room, move on to the next project (quilting the manatee quilt, and designing/making an abstract to hang above the fireplace). Maybe a few months down the road I can look again with new eyes, and learn that either 1- the judge's taste isn't mine, or 2- she had a point to keep in mind with future projects. Regardless, this show has been a good learning experience!
I did squeeze in a morning of dyeing yesterday- like my Shades of the Sixties? I think I will have to design a psychedelic quilt to go on the front of this!!

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