Saturday, April 22, 2006

Finally, a couple of warm days!! Yesterday, did the necessary housecleaning stuff (get it out of the way before the weekend), then Sadie and I went for a walk on the golf course. Perfect temperature, slight breeze- couldn't ask for better- just ask Sadie!

Started early this morning on the last of four Shibori lessons through Quilt University. These have been fun, especially the silk. Most of what I did will have to wait until tomorrow for pictures, since I used turquoise which needs to batch the full 24 hours. But here's the setup I devised for this round of Shibori. . .

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the results.
I did finish one other project today, a Journal Quilt size composition I'll send to my aunt on Whidbey Island. The picture is of my great-grandmother Laura, the text is her high school graduation essay, and the leaves are some I scanned, and then printed onto silk organza. Overall I like it, I just keep debating if I should do some outline quilting on Laura. It is minimally quilted, the picture is transparent (as I intended), so I worry that more quilting will take away from that effect. Maybe I'll try it on another copy, I don't want to goof up this one.

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