Thursday, April 06, 2006

Another glorious red-letter day- the second in less than a month!! Last night I had a call from Patsy, who's over the quilt show at HMQS (the only "big" quilt show we get in Salt Lake). She invited me to the awards ceremony today- 'Shannon's Serengeti' was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Themed category!! She assured me (I was literally speechless) that winning any kind of ribbon in this show is a big deal- as if I didn't know!!
So, today daughter Shannon and I drove up to Salt Lake in pouring rain and slushy snow to South Town Expo center, had to park across the street and get drenched making our way to the show- but it was worth it!! I was even more awestruck that I'd won any kind of ribbon when I saw the competition- there are some awesome quilts there!! I will be going back tomorrow and Saturday, taking two classes- and I will have more time to cruise the quilt show. I am thrilled, excited beyond belief-- and did I say there was prize money, even for HM?? My first!! So, as DJ said this evening at dinner out to celebrate, "Now you'll be even more driven to do this, won't you?" YES, YES, YES!! This adrenalin rush feels good!!
I'll be starting the quilting on my manatee group challenge quilt, I got the OK from the artist whose painting I interpreted to show it. And, I have an idea percolating for a small quilt, maybe to enter into the art show at the Freedom Festival this summer. I'll need to dye some gradations for that one. . .
Life is good!!

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Terry said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful quilt. There is no "high" like the feeling of success and I can tell you are feeling that! I'm looking forward to seeing more.

I found your blog by way of a comment you left on mine. Welcome to the blog ring---