Monday, April 17, 2006

It's Monday night, winter has returned, and I will ignore it by finally posting pictures of my dyeing over the weekend. And, I have a quilt up on the design wall- while I consider how to quilt it. This was a group project, six of us chose a picture or design, sliced it six ways, and each person did one slice of all the quilts. We did not see them until they were done- so you had no idea how others were interpreting their slice. You can definitely tell there were multiple minds working on mine, but I am pleased with the result. Now, to get it quilted in time for the Springville Art Museum Quilt show this summer.
I dyed four pieces total this weekend, two are here. The fuschia and lime is anther piece of glorious silk. I love how this fabric just eats up the dyes!! The second is muslin, the process was something I've never done before. There's also a picture of the fabric tied up, but before dyeing- making the little pouches filled with beans was time-consuming! But, I think the results were worth it.
One more lesson this weekend- but Shibori II is in June. And, my class with Marilyn Belford starts this week. Hopefully it will help me with the structure of the canyon quilt that is floating through my mind. . .

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Sarah said...

I've just begun trying to dye and fiddle with colors and techniques. Its fun, and I've enjoyed trying something new. Post your pix when your done!