Sunday, December 03, 2006

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!!

While we haven't been hammered or without power like the unfortunate folks in the Midwest, we did have a distinct change in weather last week. We've had a beautiful, long, relatively warm autumn- and then the cold hit. We've got about six inches of snow on the ground, and the temperatures are going nowhere but down. Next week we'll be looking at the dreaded inversion, with highs in the twenties. Yuck!!!

I haven't posted in two weeks- too much going on. I have managed to get some work done, though. I finished postcards for the two who signed up on the ArtShare Meme, and they are on their way to new owners. And, I got my 'Postcard from Lake Michigan' from Nellie Durand from her ArtShare- the photos do not do it justice, it is simply exquisite- but I'm posting one anyway. If you want to see some wonderful art, cruise over to her blog.

Got a little more work done on the house quilt. I am looking at the calendar, and realizing I can't dawdle much longer if I want to have it ready by Christmas. The grass is done, I think I've figured out how to quilt the sky and the borders- now just to do it. I'm also going to have a late post for the Fast Friday challenge- the idea is in my head, and the pictures I need are now on the computer- but finding the time is another thing.

I had a wonderful surprise while surfing this week! Bonnie McCaffery has a vid cast of Quilt Festival in Houston, and since I've never been, decided to watch. I about fell off my chair halfway through- she has a segment on the Journal Quilt project, and highlighted several artists' work during it. Mine was one of them!! I've not posted my 2006 journal pages, so if you'd like to see what I did, and get a nice overview of Quilt Festival, take a look at Bonnie's vidcast. I've watched several of them, and she does a nice job.

We are getting ready for Christmas. Shannon and I got the gifts destined for our new family in Colombia bought yesterday, now to get them shipped to my son and daughter-in-law in Florida so they can forward them with their gifts. It's always harder buying for someone you've never met except through the computer, but I think Maria and Lina will like what we chose. The tree and decorations are up. So, I'll leave you with that. May all of you have a safe and blessed Advent season!

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Nellie Bass Durand said...

I'm pleased that you're happy with the "Postcard From Michigan". I look forward to receiving a goodie from you.