Sunday, January 28, 2007

Postcard Mania

I've been plugging away this weekend on postcards for Karey Bresenhan's Heart to Heart project and my own Art2Mail group. And, I suspect I have done enough to mail some to family.

I have plenty of reds in my stash, so I'm using those. I've got my thread painted and Angelina hearts, which I posted last weekend. This weekend I've been quilting the cards. I'm going at this project a little backwards!

I dislike intensely trying to quilt around applique- and when you are doing a 4 X 6 card, it becomes even more of a challenge. So I've quilted my backgrounds, and now I'll fuse the hearts to them. Here's a sample of what I've completed, with brightness tweaked with so you can see the quilting better.

Here's a closeup of my first-ever quilted feather. Could be better- but could have been a lot worse, too!!

I've done it this way before, and it works better for me. I'll also probably be adding some hand stitching and beads to the cards, just to make sure those hearts stay down. Oh, yeah, I think I'm going to stamp some hearts on them, too- already made a stamp just for this, and I have plenty of metallic and pearlescent paint. So, by next weekend, I should have the cards done.

I think we are all depressed or sick here. The inversion, the worst I have seen in years, is just nasty. It is no fun going outside, and I sure don't want to breathe the crud. So, send some good vibes our way that we get some good storms to blow out the valley. I'll even take snow as part of the deal, as lousy as our snow removal has been!!


Nellie Bass Durand said...

A WOW on the quilting ... especialy the gradated heart-in-hearn-in-heart patterns. Can't wait to see the finished cards.

Hope you get a relief from that weather system soon.

Sandra said...

Ditto: I love your hart/heart quilting. They are like great whole cloth quilts now and will be fabulous when you add your lacy hearts. Can't wait.

Dormouse said...

What gorgeous quilting, both the hearts and the feather. Stunning.

I hope the weather/pollution improves for you soon.

If you'd still like to swap something for a Green Man then drop me a line and we can swop addresses.