Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sorry, Sean

but 2 minutes left, the Colts just intercepted again, the Bears are 12 down- so I don't think this is Chicago's year-- again.

I have been working on Valentine postcards all weekend. I got five mailed off Friday for Heart 2 Heart- I want to send some to a few family, and I have my Art2 Mail group too. So I'll probably be working on more cards this week.

Here's the five I finished and mailed--

I tried a different edge finish on every one except the black, and I think I like it. I also did not end up using hardly any of the thread painted hearts I did last weekend. The metallic ones worked, but the others just went flat on the background fabric. Even the trilobal polyester!

I added glitz with paint, foil, beads, and some neat metallic embroidery floss I found.

These are a nice distraction, and quick gratification. I have a quilt floating in my head, but it hasn't gotten beyond that point yet. Somehow, I just haven't had the motivation to start something big.

I started a drawing class a week ago- we did our second class Saturday morning. I really want to improve my ability to draw my own designs, and I'm hoping this will give me some tools to help. I am a bit frustrated, the instructor seems to think we should move into drawing faces pretty quickly, and I find that rather intimidating. So I've dug out a drawing book I bought awhile back, and I'm trying to work through some of the exercises. When I have something worth posting, you'll know.

Beyond that, not much else going on. Consolations to all you Chicago fans out there, I don't know of any city as sports-jinxed as they are.

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Nellie Bass Durand said...

You may be happier with your wonderful thread painted hearts if they were finished with another heavy thread or yarn couched around the outside edge. That would showcase them as well as give them a "finished look" that matches the look of your beautiful backgrounds.