Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lazy Day

It has been a rather quiet Saturday- it's late afternoon, and I have the house to myself. Shannon is at her clinic, DJ, Lance and the kids have gone to the movies. I'm putting together a simple dinner, spaghetti and meatballs with salad and a freshly baked baguette. The meatballs are cooked, and the jars of sauce waiting to be opened. (No, I do not make spaghetti sauce from scratch!)

I've been screening on the back of the tee I dyed a few weeks ago, it should be ready to wear this week. I got the quilting done on the tree last night- with all the stitching and texture that tree already has, I was surprised at how the quilting further sculpted the surface. I'm still deciding how I'm going to finish off the side of the tree.

And I have started to think about the two challenges our WAQ group came up with, to be done by this fall. One is 5 X 7, mounted on an 8 X 10 painted canvas, using at least some red-violet and/or yellow green, with a theme of magnification. The other is 16 X 24, mine is oriented landscape, using at least some blue and/or orange. The theme is 'passages.'

I have been thinking about that a lot. The word has multiple meanings, which is one of the reasons we all liked it. There are the obvious ones, doorways, physical passages- but I may go with something different. Books have always been such a large part of my life- what about passages of books that have significant meaning for me? I'm still playing with that one in my head, but that's the direction I'm leaning towards now. The other meaning that I gravitated towards is passages of life. I have no doubt I could embellish on that one, since I'm past most of them!

The weather here is just starting to have the feel that spring is getting close. It is light later, and every once in awhile I catch a glimpse of green in a field. The air smells different. I'm finding clumps of Sadie's coat in the carpet, which means she is starting to shed. Maybe it is the ongoing euphoria from the election and inauguration, but I have a sense of hope, despite all the crappy news and the scary economy. So, in the spirit of hope springing eternal, and since I have no interesting photos of work in progress to share, here's a closeup of a tree outside our home. That looks like a bud, right??

And, it's also a success in my ongoing quest to master the manual settings of my camera! I've been trying to learn how to get a closeup image sharp, with a fuzzy background. Open the aperture! Use the macro setting! Maybe by the time I can afford to get a digital SLR, I'll have this all figured out!

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Judy said...

Can you believe how immature and selfish the Republicans are being...rather than work for the betterment of the country they would rather knock all of Obama's great plans and stick to party politics! While I know that Obama will eventually win them over, I am heartsick over some of my fellow man!
Sounds like you have a full quilting plate in front of you! I look forward to seeing your progress in the coming months!