Saturday, February 28, 2009

Leaves- and lots of them!

I started working on the leaves for Autumn Mountains today. After a lot of thought, I made a bunch of freezer paper leaves, ironed them on my fabric, and stitched around the edge. After taking off the freezer paper (saved to make more leaves), I fused Wonder Under to the back, then cut out the leaves. Lots of leaves, and this is just the first bunch!

I had to see how they looked on the quilt, so I started sticking them on with pins. Wow! Amazing what they add!

And a closeup--

I'm going for the effect of leaves piling up around the tree, and falling off the branches. I've got more to cut from this fabric, then I'll make a bunch more from a couple of other fat quarters of my hand-dyes. It is so nice to see the vision I've had in my head come to life!

I've also been trying to finish this tee. The front and back are both screened, and I added some to a sleeve. Still trying to decide if I'll be symmetrical and add some to the other sleeve, or leave it asymmetrical. The sleeves need to be shortened a tad, but it's got the room I like. Can't stand clingy clothes!

I'll be taking this to California when I go the end of March- it will be interesting to see what my old high school friends have to say! Maybe I'll even get the short sleeve one dyed too.

It's getting late, I'm off to read for awhile. More leaf-making tomorrow!


Nellie's Needles said...

Ah, it's getting even more wonderful!

Your strong background pattern had raised my eyebrow a tad because it competed strongly for attention with that great tree. The leaves strong, bright colors and curvy shapes are commanding attention. Consequently they're pushing the background into the distance and it's become very much secondary to the tree.

Judy said...

I love your leaves!!! I thought they were real until I read your post and then zoomed in on your pics.
And your tee is wonderful! I hope you'll do more and post pics of them!


Karoda said...

i say go for more on the sleeves just because you can:)

your leaf making is so much more fun than having to rake up the real things.