Monday, March 23, 2009

It's a Wrap

Dare I say it- it's done?? I honestly can't remember how long ago I started this quilt, but it's probably close to two years. And I am glad to have it done, just in time to enter it in the only quilt show we have in Salt Lake. I decided it was more appropriate for that venue than the gallery show our surface design group is doing in May.

This quilt presented both technical and design challenges- the technical I think I resolved successfully, the design challenges were more of a struggle. I think I've met some of them, but I can also see where I would make changes if I were starting over. I have one more batch of these Easy Pieces blocks in purples- maybe a spring themed quilt? (Not for awhile, I have several other projects on the back burner!)

Anyway, if you've read this far, what do you think? What would you do the same, and what differently? I'd love to know, and if you feel more comfortable, leave your comment anonymously.


Chris Predd said...

Hi Beverly......I feel like the leaves are falling.......I love the movement you've created. I like the pieced green sections. I love the bottom leaf border. The leaves look very realistic. What are the green sections signifying?
Chris Predd

Nellie's Needles said...

This combination of geometric and natural forms is interesting. I can't decide if the complexity of it is better than either one would be by itself.

Your addition of many more leaves put the main focus on that magnificent tree while pushing the sharp angled piece further into the background.

Linda Laird said...

Dear Beverly,
I really like the density of leaves at the base of the tree, and I also like the range of colors and values you have going on.

I think it is complete!

Linda Laird

Sandra said...

I've been watching these blocks for awhile --you've created an overall effective autumn mountain piece. The 3-D leaves really help to integrate the blocks, borders and the tree.
If starting from scratch, perhaps more red in the blocks and something to visually break up the tree. Also thicker branches would be more proportional with the tree.

Janice Paine-Dawes said...

You've created a wonderfully complex piece using both geometric and organic shapes. I like the colors you used and the yellow leaves really come to the forefront and draw the viewers attention. What would happen if you added just a couple of leaves across the bottom of the tree and one or two in the far right branches that would bring your eye full circle? I feel that the yellow boxes in the geometric green and the strong vertical tree is standing alone. Nice job and good luck with yoiur show entry!

Anonymous said...

unless there is a minimum size requirement, trim down the right hand side of the tree (start about at the "V" at top) it might then put the viewers' eyes back in motion...which is very nicely started with the drifting leaves.

JJ said...

I love the leaves spilling out at the bottom, and the pattern of the mountains in contrast to the tree. Very nicely done!

Julia in NZ said...

Hi Beverley

This is a lovely combination of blocks and arty elements. These things are very successful - the blocks and their colourways; the layers of fallen leaves at the bottom, the quilting, the surface of the tree trunk. The only thing I feel is that the branches of the tree are a little stiff. If you do another one sometime, maybe have more irregular branches with knobbles and curves.

Good luck with the show.

Anonymous said...

I love this. I personally might have added a bit of shading on the limbs or added a small bird at the base of the tree for a bit of intrigue. I love it as it is.

Dotty said...

Wow i absolutely love your quilt.