Sunday, March 08, 2009

Patience (is a virtue I don't always possess)

After a conversation with my brother last night, and reading Nellie's comment, I have to agree with them- it's not done yet. By the time it is, however, I believe I will be an expert in making leaves.

I combed through my stash, and I don't have any fabric that is quite the right color. So I took a couple of orangey fat quarters I dyed previously, and decided to try overdyeing with some turquoise I've had sitting around for a couple of months. What the heck, if the dye doesn't take I can just do it again.

What I thought was mostly orange, the turquoise decided was more yellow. I now have one piece that is bright green and rusty orange, and another that came out still too orange. I don't think the first piece is usable at all, but the second could be- with another overdye bath with a little stronger color. It's downstairs batching now.

And, I searched harder, and did find a nice piece of rust colored hand dye- so that should be enough to make another collection of leaves. I will do some rearranging of the ones I pinned up yesterday. I want the green-tinged leaves on top, and the rusty ones on the bottom. I may even put some more of the green-tinged leaves up on the tree.

As for where I show it, I'm still up in the air about that one. But, now I know that the AQS show this year is in Knoxville, not Nashville. I still have some time to decide that one.

So, til I post again- you know I'm hard at work on more leaves!!

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Karoda said...

ya know, i'm looking at the quilt and i agree it is not finished...try cropping the left side off a tad where the branches fun to the edge and see what you think...also I'm thinking some reddish organgey leaves OR some faded greenish leaves but OR both...and I also agree that it reads more quilt, contemporary, but not quite art...I think you'd need to make a statement with a focal point under the tree...not sure what...just typing to myself out loud here :)