Saturday, November 13, 2010

Musings and a Teaser

Not much blogging going on here- there hasn't been a lot to blog about.  But I am well into this month's Interpret This piece, and so far relatively happy with where it is going.  This photo really does lend itself to interpretation on a number of levels.  So here's your sneak peek at a very small part--

I have my background parts down, now on to the myriad detailing.  I think I will end up doing more stitching before I sandwich this than I will quilting.  It feels good to be so far along early in the month!!

Our WAQ group met yesterday, and got to hear all about Houston from Suzanne who spent four days there.  All the winners were traditional quilts- a switch.  And nothing new or exciting.  Some vendors were peddling items that were ridiculously expensive for what they were.  Don't know if I'll ever make it to Houston, but it would be nice to make it to the Long Beach show one day.

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do next year with my art.  After listening to Suzanne, I just think more and more that I need to forget about classes and just do the work.  I'm even starting to question book purchases- I looked at Gloria Loughman's new book yesterday, and didn't buy it.  It was beautifully done, but had no real new information in it.  I have enough resources at hand, I just need to do the work!  I'd also like to finish several UFO's that I have, and both my sons have made specific requests.  Plenty to think about as I head into the new year, with a milestone birthday very close on the horizon.


Kay said...

Good job so far on IT! I have only barely begun, but like last month the plan has been ready for a while.

"Just do the work" is the key idea for many of us, isn't it?

Libby Fife said...

I have to agree with you. My own experience over the last couple of years tells me that at some point you are just "ready" to work without a book, a video, or even the input of others. I almost think the gathering up of resources is some kind of procrastinating somehow. Anyway. Just a thought.

Karoda said...

Beverly, this is the way I entered 2010 and even set a limit of only purchasing 5 quilt related books for the year...I went over by 2 or 3 I think...its what lead to the Learning Curves that I'm picking back up in prep for the cold weather. I want to create "depth" with the knowledge and resources I already have and to do that it seems to me it is all about doing the work and engaging yourself.

Judy Warner said...

Sounds like you might be ready for SAQA's vision project. It will help you leap into your own creativity. Are you familiar with it?