Saturday, November 06, 2010

While it lasts. . .

I'm enjoying our decidedly not-November weather.  It was in the high 60's-low 70's yesterday and today, so both days I've taken the dog out for a walk.  Today we went up the canyon and hiked for an hour or so.  It feels great!!  And it's all supposed to change come Monday- drat.

I have been working on my IT design.  Once I started drawing patterns, I realized none of my grays were large enough.  So I hit the LQS this morning, and managed to find a couple that I think will work.  A sign of the times, this is a shop that has been around for years- the selection of fabrics seems smaller.  I was glad to find something I can make work, because gray clearly is not a big color this year.

I'm also continuing to knit on the sock, although not as much as before.  I'm to the boring part- knitting in rib up the leg until I run out of yarn.  But I'll get there!

Well, the picture isn't from today- but this is a look at where we hiked this afternoon. 

 The trees are barer than in this photo, and most of the color is gone- the mountain is pretty much shades of brown that we'll live with for the next several months.  But the views from the top of the mountain (hill?) we climbed to is still spectacular.

 They've started gating the campground that where the trailhead is located, so I had to climb through the gate.  The nice thing is that nobody else was there, so Shiloh got to run off-leash the whole time.  Hopefully it means she's worn out!!

The weight continues to come off- last time I checked, almost ten pounds.  I do my 'official' weigh-in on Monday mornings, so we'll see.  I've found the best motivator for me to get some activity in each day- the added number of calories I can eat!  It makes the hour at the gym doable.

Maybe with my extra hour tonight I can get more work done on my piece.  We'll see- later!

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