Sunday, February 06, 2011


is something I have been sorely lacking lately, hence the dearth of posts.  I have been feeling flightly, unable to concentrate on much of anything.  I go down to the studio, ditz around at something for fifteen minutes, and leave.  Pathetic.

At least I can say I'm motivated in other areas.  This weekend I decided I was going to put the carpet cleaner I got for Christmas to good use.  We got the living room and our bedroom (which is huge) done.  Not perfect, but a great improvement.  We also rearranged the furniture.  I got daring- it's on a diagonal, NOT lined up along the walls.  I've watched way to many HGTV design shows!

With nice clean carpet, I wasn't about to have a dirty dog running around.  So Sadie the Border collie got a haircut and a bath.  Unreal how much hair that dog has, especially in cold weather.  While she doesn't enjoy the experience, she does act like she's feeling better afterward.

So now that I've bored you with my weekend doings, I do have some fiber pictures.  The scarf I used the DeColourant on is still waiting for its second layer of screenprinting.  This is a scarf that was ugly, then got a couple of overdyes that greatly improved it.

I'd thought I'd use the DeColourant with metallic gold for the next round, and I probably still will.  I used it with regular DeColourant on another scarf, and I could hardly tell the difference between the two.

I've also been slowly working on the first piece I'm doing for my ECHO group.  I finally made the stamps with the spiral design I've been playing with, using sticky backed fun foam.  It does work rather nicely!

The third stamp is one I did using an idea from a book I got last year, on making surface design tools with household objects.  Those are corn pads, just stuck on a piece of acrylic.  

Doing these, I learned that if I pay attention to how I cut, I can end up with two spirals that are slightly different.  Look closely at them and you'll see what I mean.  The unbroken spiral on top is actually the other part of the stamp directly below it.

Another work week tomorrow- then next week I am in southern Utah all week for work.  I'll be paying a visit to the Superior Thread headquarters while I'm there!!  Maybe I'll get some motivation in some warmer temperatures--


Libby Fife said...

I just love the corn pad stamp.

Your creativity in rearranging the furniture counts:)

Heather P said...

I love what you are doing with this piece!

Sande said...

The orange scarf is coming along very nicely. Is it silk?
Corn pads? A pretty creative idea for stamps. I like the spirals and doing a few different variations of them. It will be fun to see the stamping they make. You inspired me to buy a few supplies to make some stamps but haven't started actually carving any yet. Not sure what I want to make yet.

Debra Spincic said...

Clever with the corn pads!