Sunday, February 20, 2011

Travel, and Repurposing

I have been gone for the past week in southern Utah- not fun, work.  But it was gorgeous in St. George at least one of the days I was there- it was hard to leave to come back to the cold.  Winter is supposed to return this week, and I am heartily sick of it.

I did get some hand stitching done on a sample piece for a larger work I'm doing.  I've dyed, overdyed, stenciled and stamped this fabric.  I knew I wanted to add hand stitching, so I managed to get some done during meetings.  It's already sandwiched, once the handwork is done I'll be figuring out the quilting.  Yes, I know, sounds backwards but it was what would work for me.

Seed stitch adds such lovely texture!  A detail--

I also stayed up late last night, working on a tee.  I dyed and printed this tee from Dharma a couple of years ago.

It was big and baggy back then, and it was even bigger and baggier now that I've lost a bunch of weight.  I've been going through my closet, weeding out clothes to sell at our annual garage sale this spring.  I decided I didn't want to get rid of a couple of tees I dyed, though.  So I found a Burda pattern for a basic tee, used some I already have that fit well to help determine measurements and sizing, and altered the pattern.  I had to redraft the necklines a bit to make them fit on the fabric pieces- finally found a use for those French curves I bought!!  Then I picked out the hems, took off the ribbing at the neck, and cut the shirt apart.  I couldn't make it long sleeved- the sleeves are very different.  The original had a flat cap, the pattern has a more fitted cap, so there wasn't enough length for long sleeves.  But I am happy to say it worked, and was well worth the effort!!

It fits really well- skims my body without being overly clingy.  I think it shows off my printing even better than the original.  I even managed to reuse the ribbing around the neckline!

I have another tee to alter- I think I'm going to try something a little different.  We'll see-- but boy am I having fun being skinny again!


Judy said...

Congrats Skinny! What's your secret?

Fat n Sassy

Sandra said...

Way cool. I was coveting that purple tee before and it is even cuter now. Congrats.
Hope you had a good time in Moab.