Sunday, March 13, 2011

Springing Forward!!

Unlike many, I love it when daylight savings time finally arrives.  I love the longer days, love the promise of warmer weather- and I love setting my toesies free from winter shoes and socks!!

While I know we could still see snow here, I'm enjoying the warmer days we've had- in the low sixties.  Why does that temperature feel so much warmer in March than it does in October??

I am taking a temporary hiatus from art quilts.  My brain needs a break after a solid year of coming up with a new design each month.  I have been sewing, however- I made some cute little nine patch blocks for Debra, and also dug up a smallish quilt top I made at a workshop several years ago that I hadn't a clue what to do with.  Debra has a new longarm, so it was a perfect gift for her.

And I've been sewing clothes.  Having reached my goal weight, clothes shopping is fun again!  Remember that rust dyed silk I did?

It's now a lovely, semi-fitted tunic.

Rust dyeing is fun, but I've learned that it is a pain to sew on- this is the one and only garment I'll ever make with rust dyed fabric.  After this, I'll stick to rust dyeing silk scarves and maybe a few pieces of fabric  to use in collages or something.

And that tee I cut down?  It looks so good on- I am so glad I took the time to remake it!  Yeah, I already posted a picture of the tee- but it looks so much better on me than sitting on the table!!

Next, I have a simple quilt to make for my SIL.  She gave me some printed blocks she bought in Oregon years ago- they have pictures of different lighthouses on them.  All I have to do is square them up, cut some sashings, and put it all together.  Sidney, who helped me quilt the gift quilt for my younger son's girlfriend, has already said we can do this one on her computerized machine also.  Maybe by the time that one is done my creative brain will show some signs of return!

And maybe now my son will believe me when I say he has a skinny mom now!!


Judy said...

Hey You Skinny Thing!
I love your new jacket! Looks great on you too! ;-)
I too enjoy daylight savings time. I'm up and it's still dark outside - but I'm ready to begin this day!


Rian said...

Wow~ You look GREAT! You go, girl! I'm with ya on the longer, warmer days. Even counting the fact that summer is the dreaded season here in the desert.

dq said...

Beverly, I love your rust dyed top, and by the way, you look FABULOUS!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my daughter's quilt. It is the very one that I need to eventually add crystals to.

Thanks, Deana

Judy Warner said...

That silk looks great as a jacket. And congrats on achieving the weight you desired. You look wonderful!

Del said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. I'm quite a way behind you, but I'm still working on it. Your jacket and t-shirt are lovely... and is that a schnauzer I see? I'm going to send you a schnauzer joke!

Kay said...

That jacket is stunning! ANd you look great too. Going to the gym is a good thing, so don't apologize.