Monday, March 21, 2011

Mindless Piecing

I'd decided earlier that was the prescription for what ails me (near-total inertia when it comes to fiber creativity), and that's what I did over the weekend.  

 My SIL Karen bought these screen-printed blocks on a trip to Oregon years ago.  They show lighthouses from around the state.  Apparently it sat in her possessions for some time, until she asked me if I could put them together into a quilt for her.  I agreed, and they spent another year or so marinating in all my stuff.  I did wash them a few months ago, but then they sat some more. 

Friday I bought navy blue fabric for the sashing and backing, and got the blocks squared.  It only took about three hours to get the whole thing pieced, including a mitered border.  Now I need to connect with Sidney (of the magical computerized HQ16!) so I can get it quilted.  I'm thinking this will take a fairly simple design, so the setup will probably take longer than the stitching.  I plan to just put it in a priority mail box, and send it off to Karen.  I'm hoping it will be the kind of surprise she'll like!

My lovely rust dyed jacket is already showing signs that it will be a short-lived article of clothing.  Ah well.  I like the pattern so much, I'm thinking I will dye some linen/rayon fabric, and make it again.  

And I worked on a 12 by 12 piece- all that's left is some quilting, and finishing the edges.  I'm hoping to get at least one more done this weekend.

Am I the only one out there feeling so blah?  The news is uniformly depressing or frustrating, and I feel utterly helpless to do anything about it.  I'm sick of cold weather, I want to feel the sun on my skin.  About the only thing I've been able to focus on for any length of time is calorie counting and getting to the gym. Maybe because it's one thing I can control? 


Judy said...

I like the blocks - for some reason I never thought of Oregon as having lighthouses - how provincial am I!!!

Yes, I think we're all feeling very introverted and thoughtful right now. I'm finding it easier to get to the gym to exercise - something I can 'do' and also something to beat the sense out of me!

Sorry about your jacket - can you photograph it and make screens of your favorite rust-created motifs?


Judy Warner said...

Finishing that quilt is a great way to get doing something. I agree that just thinking about the state of the world (or the weather) is disheartening. I am going to work with some warm colors to compensate! Judy

Karoda said...

The quilt is comforting and yeah, blah for so many reason here too. The silk tunic however made me smile and sit up looks fabulous!

Renate said...

Liked the pictures of the lighthouses. would fit with my sister's decor theme. I checked our your quilt gallery too. Okay, now I'm intimidated, but love them all.

Libby Fife said...

Sorry that you feel blah. I wish I had something to say that would help. I stopped watching the news on a regular basis. I look for things that will "fill me up" so to speak rather than deplete my energy, like a museum trip or reading a book. Sometimes getting out and driving around helps. Maybe a home improvement project?

Spring is almost here. Hang in there:)
PS-sometimes when your regular creative stuff isn't working that is a sign to find other stuff:)

Gina said...

I'm enjoying going through some of your previous post and seeing your wonderful quilts! I hope springs arrives soon both in weather and news!