Sunday, April 03, 2011

A Sense of Humor

I have absolutely no doubt that God has a sense of humor, and He enjoys playing practical jokes on earthly beings.  How else to explain the last couple of days?

Friday was gorgeous, in the low 70's, sunny.  Yesterday was almost as warm, although overcast, and I managed to get out for an hour or so and walk the dog.  I went with Shannon's small camera, hoping to catch signs that spring really is on the way.

I had to look carefully for those signs- as you can see, it is still pretty brown/gray out there.

Look closer, though- there is green on the lawns, and weeds on the riverbank.  The river (creek?) is really muddy, fast, and pretty high on the banks- all a sign that spring runoff in the mountains has started.

A little further down, we saw one woman hanging laundry outside to dry.  Can't do that in bad weather!!

I saw lots of a red seed pod or something on the trail.  Later on, I finally figured out which tree it was coming from.

Along the riverbank, there were some bushes with new leaves showing.

I was happy, spring really does appear to be making her presence known!  Driving home, I had to stop at one garden I photograph every year.  Marjan, the gardener, has gorgeous spring flowers.  Most haven't started to bloom yet, but we saw--

Perfect!!  Complementary colors the first to be seen in her garden!  The last best part of the day- I wore sandals all day, and my feet loved it.  They are crying to be out of winter shoes!
I won't even show what I woke up to this morning- at least 6 inches of wet, heavy snow.  Give me a break!!  I haven't left the house, I just can't face the cold and wet.

So I've been down in the studio, altering tank tops so I can wear them this summer without embarrassing myself.  I have another summer top to cut out, and sewing it up shouldn't take long.  Sooner or later, the weather will actually catch up to where my brain and heart are.  Hey, the weather forecast says we should be back at 70 by the end of the week!!


Rian said...

It has been crazy weather everywhere! We got up to 100 for a couple days last week (75 now) and Vicky Walsh over at Field Trips in Fiber posted a picture of snow on her daffodils.

Judy Warner said...

It was actually warm enough here today for me to want to get outside and start cleaning the yard up. As always, my first patch to clean is along our garage and, voila, I uncovered some purple crocus. Spring is coming, just slowly.