Friday, April 22, 2011


Away without leave, that's where what creative mojo I have has gone.  So I am taking some advice, posted on the Quiltart list- (via a video on You Tube, which I cannot figure out how to do here)

 Do Something

Do Anything

I am working on a quilt.  Not art, not Art- just a quilt.  It's actually one I started on my one and only trip to Asilomar in 2005, in an independent study workshop with Margaret Miller.  I did part of one corner while there, just to be sure I got the process.  Then it sat in a drawer for five years.

It's a sampler, using wonky blocks I got (and made) as part of the one and only time I participated in a Round Robin through the Utah Quilt Guild.  My wonky blocks freaked out some people- some managed to make them, others just threw up their hands in despair.  I wanted to combine bright prints with black and white prints.  So these are some of the blocks-

This is the  corner I managed to get done at the workshop--

You can see up at the top where I've started adding more pieces- they still have their freezer paper templates attached.

So I will be playing with this, and maybe sewing more clothes.  I'm enjoying that again, now that I don't need to do all kinds of alterations.

Got to do something to keep my sense of humor and sanity.  We're still cold, barely got into the fifties today.  Yes, I can see green- but I want to feel WARM!!!


Debra Spincic said...

Definitely will be an interesting setting! not like any you see for most wonky blocks.

Just keep going--the mojo will come back!

What Comes Next? said...

that is great advice! It is no fun when the mojo goes. I love those wonky blocks - black and white with bright always works for me - and that corner is looking very interesting. I hope you are able to relax and have fun with some regular quilting and sewing, and before you know it creativity will spring again - it is the season - right?

Del said...

Your blocks are great. As the video says: Just DO it. Del

Gina said...

I sure like your blocks! Have fun with whatever you make and I hope your weather warms up and your creative mojo springs to life!