Thursday, December 01, 2011

An Early Christmas Present

I haven't been blogging much lately- I haven't had much interesting to say.  Not a lot of quilty work going on- I did do some more on 'Grace', but it is far from done.  Maybe I'll get to it this weekend, I can only hope.

I did get two lovely presents in the mail this week.  I have three quilts published in two books!!

First came Charlotte Warr Andersen's second book on geometric quilting designs.

  I've used several of the designs from her first book in quilts, including one of the first I did for the Interpret This! online challenge group.  That's the quilt that found its way into this book:

I know I want to use a geometric design in parts of 'Grace', so I have been thumbing my way through both books trying to decide.  The jury is still out on that.

Then a few days later this showed up in my mailbox!

I read the book cover to cover the day I got it.  If you don't have a copy, run get one!  Rayna is fun to read, and I love her approach to design.  This may be just the jump-start I need this winter to get the juices going again.  Heaven knows I have enough stash to sew strips and play with them!! 

'Green' and 'Pinks on Parade' are the two in Rayna's book.

'Pinks on Parade' was gifted to a friend in Grand Junction; the other two are hanging in my studio.

Although I haven't done a lot of dyeing since I took Carol Soderlund's workshop last summer, I played with a scarf last weekend.  I wanted to dye it to coordinate with a sweater I got. The dye bible is worth its weight in gold- I picked the color I wanted, and got just that.  Even the fact that I was dyeing silk instead of cotton didn't seem to make much difference.  Today I got two dye colors from Pro Chem, so I have every color I need to dye from the book.

Winter has definitely rolled into Utah- we missed out on the high winds that blasted a lot of people in Salt Lake northward, but temperatures have dropped and snow is in the forecast.  A good reason to keep warm in the studio!


Gina said...

Congratulations on having your fabulous quilts in these books! Great quilts! I'm going to go have a look at Rayna's book. Hope you get some warm studio time this weekend.

Debra Spincic said...

Good news about your pieces being published!

Rian said...

You're published! Terrific! I was pleased to see your Interpret This! piece was one of the ones that made it into a book.

Renate said...

Oh my! what wonderful looking quilts. Congratulations on getting published. I'll have to add those two books to my list.

Rayna said...

Such a pleasure to have two of your quilts in my book, Beverly. Thanks for participating!

Kay said...

Congratulations! It's a great quilt that deserves to be published.

Sandra said...

Congratulations on the double/triple publication. So awesome!!!
Hey, I've got ebay bucks to use, guess I'll be getting Charlotte's book.
Hope to see you at HMQS