Sunday, December 11, 2011

Therapy Sewing

Rayna is right, it's the best prescription for the creative doldrums.  Or just the doldrums, in this social worker's opinion!

It started with a Christmas project with Shannon, but I now have a small stash of freeform strips started.  What fun to just grab fabric and start stitching.  Since I started with Christmas, I'm still doing a lot of green and red and gold.  But I have a stash of Easy Pieces blocks that are every shade of purple on my radar.

So the studio is in disarray, with piles of fabric sorted by value.  

My pile of strips is growing.  And think what I can do with those blocks!  Not all the Easy Pieces blocks are purple, I did have some with green so I took those out to play with now.
I am loving how my hand dyed and printed cloth is playing with my commercial fabric stash.  I have enough smaller pieces to keep doing this for quite awhile!!

My first two free form blocks, started with squares that I just kept dividing and adding to.  

 I have no idea how I will end up using these blocks and stirps.  I just know that it is relaxing and fun, and it is something I can do even after ten hours at work.  I am way to tired at night to even think about quilting, which is why 'Grace' is coming along so slowly.  A couple of strip sets or blocks?  No problem!

So thank you, Rayna, I feel like I've gotten two early Christmas presents!


Debra Spincic said...

This is pretty addictive, I'll agree!

Renate said...

Yes Beverly that's a perfect way to get out of the doldrums. Free and easy! Love your greens!

Rayna said...

You're welcome, Beverly. You're on a roll - a treat for me to see. Now I have to get busy with my owh therapy strips...

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Perfect therapy....I think I will do some of that next. Just have not direction in mind right now. I think all the holiday preparations are stifling me right now!