Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Colors!!

No, I'm not talking about the newest Pantone colors, or fashion colors.  I'm talking about a rather unique way to celebrate the coming of spring that I experienced for the first time this weekend.

I've blogged before about the Krishna temple we have in Spanish Fork.  We've gone to some of the events they have, mostly because it is so radically different from the rest of Utah county.  I'd never been to the Festival of Colors, though, and after seeing it, I'd have to say it has got to be their biggest event.  You could walk Main Street to the temple faster than you could drive it; estimates I saw said 80,000 people attended.  Yikes- that's in a town with a population about half that much!!

They sell the colors at the temple- it is simply very intensely colored chalk dust.  So here you are, my pictures that are worth several thousand words!!

Walking up the hill to the temple.  This was probably the only time we weren't in wall-to-wall people.

Now we're wading into the crowd!

The view from the second story of the temple was pretty entertaining.

Every couple of hours, the crowd would throw the color into the air, creating an almost opaque cloud of colors.  It was impossible to escape, I was just trying to keep my camera from getting too dusty!

Jay was one colorful boy!!

I don't know how I escaped in relatively colorless fashion, it wasn't like I was going out of my way to avoid the thrown chalk.  But here I am, against a temple wall decorated with hand prints.

All in all, a colorful and fun way to spend a couple of hours.  Thank goodness we could get home a back way!!


Karoda said...

sorta like a krishna mardi gras :) what is the meaning behind the celebration?

Gina said...

Fun photos! You made me google about this, during which I discovered a fun blog post about chalk vs whiteboards in school .... ... then I went on to the linked post about professors wearing ties ... thanks for the fun journey this morning!

upstateLisa said...

these photos are the one of you!!!

Carol Soderlund said...

What a colorful experience! This must be a version of the holi festival in India? I am envious!

Renate said...

What fun Beverly! I notice that the next TT chalenge is peeking over your left shoulder in the picture. Must be a sign....

Vicki said...

Looks like lots of fun and very colourful