Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Fever

That's my excuse for not having more fiber content.  After a week or more of cool, wet weather, we finally saw the sun again.  I've been out walking two of the last three days- oh my, does that sun feel good!

We walked the new (to me, anyway) trail close to our home.  The wildlife must be feeling spring fever, too, because we saw plenty of them.  I saw deer on the trail,

and probably half dozen or more of this critter along the trail.  

 I had no idea what they are- my first glimpse, I thought they were raccoons, but the coloring is all wrong.  Today, however, I saw a sign along the trail that identified them as marmots.  I will have to do more research, I know absolutely nothing about them except they live in holes along the rocky riverbank.  I also saw and heard lots of birds, all too quick for my camera, and a snake or too- stayed away from those.

I did, however, get my tee fabric screen printed, washed, and dried.  I also started picking out fabrics for my next Tangled Textiles challenge.  So far I have this--

and this on the 'maybe' list.

Love the fabrics, just can't decide if they blend well with the others.  Obviously I'm going for the obvious with a theme like 'Green!'

So that's my world this lovely spring day.  Next weekend we are going to Moab for the car show, so no sewing then either.  I will probably be scrambling to get it done by the reveal day from the looks of it!

Hope your week is a creative one!


Gina said...

Looks like a fabulous walking area with all that wildlife! I too know nothing about marmots but he has a cute head. Your fabrics look great.

Renate said...

Ooooo Love the greens. The dark green in the second picture sure looks like one that I recently purchased too! Marmots are rather cute and remind me a bit of badgers except not quite so mean and vicious.