Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two weeks

have come and gone since I last posted.  I spent the first week camping in the eastern Sierras of California with my brother, and the second at work recuperating from the first week.  Photos?  I have enough photos from the trip to write months of blog entries.  Really.

That was one of the 'goals' of the trip- get familiar with shooting in RAW format, and learning how to edit those.  I also got to play with some lenses for macro shots, and get more comfortable with my tripod.  I'm at the beginning of the learning curve with editing photos from RAW- but hey, I have 900+ photos to practice on.

We camped at Robinson Creek, near Bridgeport.  My parents took us camping here when we were young, so my memories of the place go back many years.  My sister and husband, brother, me and my kids all came back here in 1990 for the Fourth of July celebration.  Bridgeport may be a small town, but they are serious about that holiday.  We had a blast, including my then twelve-year old son who got to play mud volleyball with his uncles and their friends.  I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the area I hadn't seen since then.

Most of the campground held trailers and RV's- we were one of only a couple of tent campers.  And yes, one morning we had steak and French fries for breakfast!!

I have lots of shots of wildlife- some not so good, some I am really pleased with.  This chipmunk and Stellar jay spent an afternoon paying us visits.  Yes, I tempted them with sunflower seeds and almonds.

This little guy got brave enough to check out my fanny pack with some trail mix in it- after I was dumb enough to leave it on the ground!

But the shots I'm happiest with were taken the morning we hiked along the creek with our cameras and tripods.  I was on a trail cut into a slope that goes down to the creek.  That meant I was at eye level mid-way up some trees growing along the side of the creek.  I first saw a gray squirrel on the trail, and stopped cold.  He got curious, jumped from the ground up to the tree, and kept getting closer to me while I shot away with the camera.

We went hiking, drove lots of dirt roads, and visited a ghost town not to far from Bridgeport.  It was a wonderfully relaxing and fun week with beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery, and good company.  I'll have lots more pictures to share as I get them edited.

Oh, and I had fun with some out-of-the ordinary shots- like, how about this closeup of our campfire one night!  I thought it made a cool abstract photo! 

Now I am off to iron out some ice dyes I did yesterday.  I'll have pictures of those later this week- hope yours is a creative one!


Libby Fife said...

Looks beautiful and just a wee bit chilly! I went there as a teenager but don't remember much so thanks for the photos.

Gina said...

Your squirrel photos really are awesome! Seems like you are doing great with raw editing. I tried it many years ago when I still had photoshop but sadly I have gone backwards with my photography editing skills, using the bare basics again. Are you using Photoshop or another program?

Renate said...

What wonderful wildlife shots Beverly. Looks like it was a bit chilly during your trip. Say...what is raw editing anyway?