Sunday, September 09, 2012

Flat Dyeing and Other Experiments

I got my flat dyes from last weekend washed out, and overall, I am happy with the results.  There are subtle variations and some fold lines from the plastic, especially on the lighter values- results that show the maker's hand.  That part I really like.  Here's the colors I did--

The piece off to the right is fabric I threw in the drip bucket under the table.  I had no idea what I would get, but I like the results.

I also did a half yard shibori wrapped on a piece of PVC pipe, and another flag fold.  This time I had triangle shaped pieces of plexiglass, which helped a lot.  Shibori wrapping is a pain, especially for arthritic hands.  

I used grape and black dye on the shibori piece- I will leave it up on the design wall to help decide if I want to overdye it.  The flag fold will get overdyed, I'm just not sure what color.  I love how the yellow glows, so I'm sort of leaning towards a less intense value of red.

And, I did a silk scarf in a square fold.  I left this one sitting in the dye overnight- I wanted to see how good the plexiglass was as resisting the dye.  It did better than I was expecting, and the black color I used really glows on the silk.  It's not black, but you have to look closely at it to see that.

No more dyeing for awhile- I leave Friday for two weeks, and then will have to work like a madwoman to get my TT challenge piece done.  Bits may be done on the trip, but not a lot.  I am really looking forward to seeing my sons that live so far away!

I won't have a quilt at Houston, but hopefully I will have at least one photo in the Eye of the Quilter exhibit.  I submitted two photos I took in Bodie, the ghost town in the eastern Sierras.  It's a juried exhibit, so now I wait for the acceptance or rejection.

Time to wash the dye out of my hair.  I hope your weekend was a creative one!


Renate said...

I love your dyeing results. The yellow ones just glows like warm sunshine. I wonder if overdying it with a soft aubergine might look good. Overdyed or not, I really like that yellow piece. Enjoy your visit with your sons and good luck with your photo entries.

Debra Spincic said...

Pretty pieces! I like the yellow one too.

Vicki said...

What glorious colours and textures you get in your fabrics. Love them

Lynda said...

Love your pieces. The patterns made by the pvc pipe are beautiful. I tried my first attempt at that technique and it turned out nice but nothing like yours! Thanks for sharing.