Monday, August 26, 2013

Playing with Paper

What with more upheaval and change in our home, I haven't spent a lot of time in the studio.  I have almost finished one piece that I am rather happy with- but I can't post a picture , since it is also my Tangled Textiles piece for September.  It will have to wait for a couple of weeks.

I am obsessing over what to do with this 18 X 29 hand dye that I've loved from the minute I pulled it from the bottom of a parfait.

So I have been drawing on graph paper, trying to come up with a design that will use every inch of this gorgeous fabric.  So far, this is what I have.

The last one looks too much like Christmas trees, so it's been eliminated.  The one above it has piecing issues, which I mostly resolved with the third drawing.  But I figured out that I don't have enough fabric to do the size quilt I was hoping for, and the irregular pieces don't use every inch of fabric.  The two top designs were attempts to utilize all the fabric.  I'll probably do a few more designs before I make a decision.  My plan (at this point, anyway) is to combine the patterned hand dye with solids- colors yet to be determined.

I am not accustomed to working this way, drawing and planning it all out.  I'm trying to identify what it is I like about the modern quilt design ethic and apply it to these, without losing 'me.'  It's turning into an interesting journey!

Only two weeks to go til the Dyeing to Discharge workshop with Carol Soderlund.  I've looked over the supply list, and it is a long one- but I have most everything.  I am so looking forward to a week with my work phone off!


Libby Fife said...


I am sorry that your home life is still unsettled. Wish I could say something better about that.

I like all of the drawings and wonder if I could make a suggestion? I think you are on the right track with making these drawings. Drawings are a very easy way to try out ideas without cutting into your favorite fabric. I suspect ultimately too that the drawings will help you to figure out what it is about the modern quilting that is holding your attention. Hope it's OK to say that: I do think it would help:)

Debra Spincic said...

I've been paralyzed by wanting the best results with a coveted fabric too. Usually when I lay it aside and come back to it much later, I wonder why I felt as I did.

I have also found that when I just go ahead and cut the fabric, I find more discoveries that I couldn't see when it was whole.

It's a dilemma, I agree.

What Comes Next? said...

looking forward to seeing your TT piece. That is a gorgeous piece of fabric - I can understand why you are looking for the perfect design for it. Sketching doesn't come easy for me - I tend to be a dive in kinda gal, but on occasion I will do a quick sketch to get a concept down, just to confirm if my idea is doable. Good luck!

Gina said...

You have lots going on .... love your fabric and looking forward to seeing which design you choose to use it in. Looking forward to seeing your TT challenge .... I just finished mine today! Wow, another Carol Soderlund workshop ...enjoy!

Renate said...

Beverly I can see that there can be quite a dilemma in determining a pattern that will use up every inch and at the same time fulfill the modern quilt esthetic without losing your "voice". I think you are on the right track and oh what a wonderful journey record you will have when inspiration finally hits. Looking forward to seeing your voice in the TT challenge too!!

JB said...

The 3rd and 4th designs remind me of things floating and might work very well with the fabric and are a little more adventurous than the first two but piecing would certainly be a problem for me any way. I admire your forging ahead into new territory.