Sunday, June 25, 2006

Have you ever had the experience of visualizing a piece, working through the processes needed to bring it into being- and your finished piece actually being everything you'd visualized? I can't say it has been a familiar one for me- I usually can get a part of what I'd hoped, but I've rarely experienced the serendipity of achieving the whole look and feel. But this weekend was different. I started working on my June journal quilt, with a definite vision in mind, and it all just feel into place. The piecing technique I tried worked like a charm, the fusing just jumped into place- it all just FLOWED. And now I'm frustrated- BECAUSE I CAN'T POST IT!!!
I am, however, taking the liberty of posting a small detail. I was so happy with the transparent fiber pieces that I posted about last week, that I'm including a photo of one of them. I decided I wanted more transparent than I'd gotten last week, so tried again with less fiber- and it worked like a charm. So here's a very small part of the best journal quilt I've done yet. . .

I'm also pleased at the way my pieces are following a more coherent theme. I've never tried working in a series, but it's something I'll do again. Three more to go, and I've got good ideas for all of them.
I won't be posting Tuesday for the discussion on "View"- so I'll ask the question now, since it's the one in the whole book that has preyed on my mind. Does this art matter? To my mind, in the larger scheme of things, probably not that much. But then, what makes a piece of art matter? I didn't get a good answer from Ted, and I don't have one yet either. I just keep trying to make art that is good design, makes my heart sing, and gives at least some other people pleasure. And that's good enough. Other viewpoints are welcome, post a comment!!
I will also be doing something this week that makes my heart sing. The Utah Surface Design group, of which I am a member, is having a workshop with Judith Trager from Colorado. She curated the show I went to a couple of weekends ago, and had some beautiful pieces in it. We'll be "Exploring the Surface," with paint, stitch, all kinds of fun. Three entire days with a nationally known fiber artist- to say I'm excited would be an understatement. So, no more posts until after the workshop- but hopefully I'll have lots of pictures to post!

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Nellie Bass Durand said...

oooo... like your weeds! Is it acrylic medium (mat or gloss?) that you used to hold the fibers together?

As for the questons about "what is art?" ... "am I an artist?", you may find perspective in reading Robert Genn's Artist Newsletters and the responses to them from artists in varying mediums from all over the world. Reading all this on a regular basis along with the postings by my fellow artists who express through making quilts has helped to clarify my thoughts and wonderings on the subject.
Robert Genn's website:

Have fun "playing" at your upcoming 3 day workshop.