Saturday, June 03, 2006

I am not a runner- so much of this was new experience for me!! Judy and I were up very early this morning, and hit the road for Salt Lake before 6 am. We parked at the Gateway Center, which was the finish line for the race, then took Trax up to the University of Utah where the race started. To say I was amazed at the mass of humanity that runs is an understatement. However, even more amazing was the lines at the portapotties ten minutes before start time---

Found out from Judy after the race that numerous people found discreet bushes or trees to use instead!!
I had a marvelous vantage point on the bridge before race start. These are the elite runners, who do the race in a little more than two hours--

And this is the rest of the runners, at the start--

After I saw the pack off at the start, I headed back to the Gateway Center- with a stop for breakfast. The party had already started by 8:30 in the morning!

And, I was there to see the winner cross the finish line!! I spoke to some runner after the race, and they said these elite runners' feet hardly seem to touch the ground- they fly!

And, a couple of hours later, here's Judy crossing the finish line!! (And, this was her second marathon in a little over a month!!)

After a massage, lots of water, and some food at Mimi's Cafe, we headed home. And we plan to vege out the rest of the night. But what a day!!

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