Sunday, June 18, 2006

Well, I can't say a lot of fiber work went on this weekend- but amidst all the housecleaning, training to be a poll worker for the primary election in a week, and going to a Salt Lake Bees game (minor league baseball) today, I did manage to get one thing done- which will find its way to my June journal quilt. And, that means I can show what I did today, but not the final product- that will have to wait until next fall after Houston.
But, first, I must digress. I started the year determined to have a more coherent theme for my journal quilts. I knew it would be something nature-based, because I love the outdoors. After my third month, I knew what the theme would be- WEEDS! I try to walk our dog Sadie at least 3-4 times a week at a nearby golf course. We're so familiar with the route, I can let my mind wander and really observe the unusual. Do you realize how many shapes and sizes of weeds there are, even in a desert like Utah? I started with the obvious, dandelions- no lack of those. Then, a little later, I noticed these giants- they look a little like dandelions, but clearly aren't. The leaves are different, and the furry thing is considerably larger. If anyone out there knows what these are, I'd love to know!!

On our walk Friday, I saw two other "weeds" that had interesting shapes or colors. The first is a thistle, obviously- but we grow giants here, I saw some that were almost as tall as I am.

Some were already flowering. They are pretty, despite their deadly appearance!

Last, I saw this "weed"- large leaves, and some spheres.

Then, bit farther on I learned what the spheres were!

So, now you know more than you ever wanted to about weeds in Utah. All these images will find their way into my journal quilts-- but you'll have to wait for those.
Now, back to that giant dandelion. I remembered reading somewhere- maybe the QA list, maybe not- that paint medium could be used to hold fibers together to use in fabric art. I have a bag of silk caps I have been waiting to use--

And, after a shopping trip to Michael's last Thursday, I have paint medium. So, I tried painting the stuff on fibers, cut about an inch and arranged about the same size I want the heads to be--

After I started by trying to "paint" the medium on the dry fibers, I realized, Duh, this would be so much easier if the fibers were wet. So, I sprayed 'em, painted more medium, and left it to dry. Oh, yeah, in case you are wondering- I arranged the fibers on a piece of black tulle, figuring I could cut it away after I was done. Here it is, drying:

And, IT WORKED!! When we got home from the baseball game, I ran downstairs to check- success!! I was even able to peel the tulle off the fibers! So, now I have a lovely ethereal head for my giant dandelion!

Now, to pick the background fabric, fuse my leaf fabric, and start the piecing. But, that will be a post for another day!

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Ferret said...

Brilliant, I have been trying to work out how to make smoke, and this is just perfect.
Thank you so much for having a blog.