Monday, October 02, 2006

An Addition to our Family, and a Challenge Piece Finished!!

First, no, we didn't gain another grandchild, or in-law- this addition to our family is of the four legged variety. Daughter Shannon is an animal lover, and has been all her life. She has been working on us to get a second, smaller dog- and she finally succeeded. She is now the adoptive mother of Dieter, a Schnauzer DJ found for adoption at a shelter.

We figure he's about a year old, and he's been well-cared for- groomed and all. And, best of all, he has a mellow disposition and is getting on famously with our border collie Sadie. Here they are taking a companionable nap together while I sew--

As for what I've been sewing on- I joined a challenge group that formed off the QA list, the Fast Friday Fabric challenge. Once a month, a challenge is posted, and we have one week to complete the project. The first one was posted last Friday, and I finished it tonight. Since the challenge isn't up until this Saturday,I'll refrain from posting a picture until then- but I am pleased with my results, which incorporated a 3-D element- something I've never done.
Fall is here in all it's glorious color. The mountains just to the east of us are ablaze with reds and yellows, a sight I never get tired of. And we've been having wonderful Indian summer weather. If only we could skip straight from fall to a couple weeks of winter over Christmas, and then right to spring- I do so dislike all the long dark days in winter. But, for now I will enjoy the glories of God's wonderful creation.


Dormouse said...

Congratulations on the new family member. He looks like a real cutie.

Ferret said...

I've put my challenge quilt up on my blog. It didn't come out as well as I would have liked but I did learn a lot from it.