Sunday, October 08, 2006

I DID IT!!!!

It has taken me over a month , two books, and endless frustration with HTML code that I understand just enough of to be dangerous- but I have finally managed to personalize my blog banner! Thanks to all those other bloggers who went before me, because frankly, it was looking at your coding that was the biggest help in figuring out my own.

I spent last weekend and part of the week working on a small challenge with the Fast Friday Fabric challenge group. If you want to see my completed piece, head over to the FFFC blog.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago the "assignment" the newly formed Salt Lake Art Quilt group gave interested members. We were to come up with a small quilt to show the illusion of luminosity. I've been playing with ideas in my mind and on the computer, but this week I finally got to work. I had intentionally dyed my yellow to violet overdyes with this project in mind. I have gone back to my roots in quilting, I decided to use the simple "Strips that Sizzle" block from Margaret Miller. I have always loved how you can get spectacular results with such simple component blocks. Anyway, here's the arrangement I've liked best so far:

I really prefer arrangements that don't have a central focal point. I tried some arrangements that had more of a focal point with these blocks, and it just doesn't work for me. I was going for the "sprinkling" of light across the surface of the quilt. Have I succeeded? These are just up on my design wall, so I still have time to play with them and finish the quilt before we meet on the 18th.

We are definitely into autumn here. Last night we took the grandkids to the Spanish Fork Harvest Moon celebration. It was geared to kids, with a focus on the arts. Bentlee and Jaden got their faces painted, saw leaf art being made, and had fun in a kid-size hay maze. And, here they are as lively scarecrows--

It's a long weekend for us, so I'll be spending more time in the studio. I'm trying to get the house quilt done for a friend by Christmas, and I'm easily halfway there. Time to audition fabrics for the sky--

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