Sunday, October 22, 2006

Getting the landscaping underway. . .

No, not on our home- thankfully, someone else takes care of that, so I don't even have to think about it. After finishing the luminosity quilt for our art quilt group, I'm back working on the house quilt. It will be a present for someone, hopefully no later than Christmas.

I got a sky I'm reasonably happy with, am auditioning my hand-dyes for the mountains behind the house, and have the front yard about done. Maybe this week I'll start thread-painting the plants and tress that I'll applique around the house. Lots of foundation plants, they'll help camoflage the join between the house and the front yard! Here's progress so far--

Rather than fuse multiple layers of fabric for the yard, I used Sharon Schamber's Piecelique technique. I've found it works great for curved piecing. I've thrown in a tweak of my own- I use Liquifuse (now Liquid Thread) instead of glue. If you want to know about using that product instead of fusible web, Terry Grant has a great tutorial on her blog. I used it to fuse most of the house itself.

We had an interesting experience last night. A friend of ours does wildlife rehab, mainly birds. She had two great horned owls that were ready to be released into the wild, and arranged with Sundance ski resort to do it there. The setting is spectacular, and seeing the owls fly gracefully into the night was awe-inspiring. Here's Patty holding one of the great-horns before releasing it.

And here she is releasing the owl-

She will be releasing an eagle at Sundance next Friday-- I'm thinking we'll be going to that also. I've seen golden eagles up close at Patty's, and they are magnificent birds. Don't think I want to miss that one.

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